Decorating In Stages

As you know, (if you read my about me section) we are now empty nesters which leaves me with two extra rooms not occupied.  One room I have already started decorating  and have come to a stop due to the fact that I haven't been able to find the pieces that I want to finish it with. The other thing is that I got bored with it so I stopped decorating.  Does anyone else do that or is it just me?  Talk about decorating in stages!
I've decided that I need a separate office from my husband.  I could go into a lot of reasons why I think I need to be separated from his space, but I'll play nice today.  Let's just say...I need it. (love you honey!)
The room I'm talking about was painted a blue color when my son lived in it and that was good for him.  But I'm thinking I want to go white or just a slight off shade of white with an elegant nautical look.  The more I think about it, this is where I could start working with my wanna-be a cottage look.  Hmmm.   Maybe I could go with both, the nautical and cottage look blended together?  I can't decide right now,  My thought was to make curtain panels from them and add some really pretty fringe or decorations along with another fabric to add length and personality, or perhaps use the sheet as an accent to another drapery fabric instead.  So many decisions to make.  This project will definitely be done in stages due to lack of immediate time this summer and indecisiveness.

So my dilemma is...white or blue walls with these soon to be curtains.  Keeping in mind that I can't stand the thought of painting but I will do whats best for the room.  Maybe you can help me decide.  Leave me a comment if you like.

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