Sheds - They're not just for storage anymore

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and enjoys the last day of the weekend.
Today, my husband and I are working in the yard and focusing on the area around our shed. 
Sheds have come a long ways.  They're not just for men anymore nor are they just for storage.  Decorating is a must.  It seems to me that one would want to start with painting the outside to set the scene.  The landscaping should be as equally important so following through with possibly a deck and lush greenery with bright vivid flowers would complete the outside.  Finishing up on the inside with adorable decorations would be how I would probably do it.  Sounds like so much fun!
Our shed is just a shed and it's used as a shed.  As much as I would like to use it for other things; well, let's just say that will probably never happen.  However, I love to dream about having one of my own and making it really cute.  Maybe one day I will.




  1. Could I please have the shed with the light pink rose over it! ...or the third one from the bottom in that gorgeous garden! My shed looks gruesome compared to


  2. We don't have a shed, but would like to have my own little doll house like the neautoes you've showcased here!

    Your newest follower and thanks so much for finding my little blog so now I can follow yours!

  3. oops! typo above.... meant to type the word "beauties" not neautoes!

  4. Hello,
    I just visited your blog today. While reading it, I noticed we have a lot of the same interests. I also have three children, now grown. I love to decorate too. Your photos are lovely, and I never knew much you could dress up a shed. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. Jess just did a post on Flamingos that I think you might like. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you in your Florida home and seeing all your creative ideas. We are from California. Hope to hear from you, and have a beautiful week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Oh my gosh, I love these comments, you all are so sweet and I'm so excited that your following my blog. I think we should celebrate...(coffee in hand) Here's to each one of you! Cheers and happy blogging.

  6. How cute are those sheds! I wouldn't mind having a shed in my garden if they looked that pretty. Great pictures-thanks for finding them!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Best wishes,

  7. These are lovely! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx