Gettin Techy With It

Hi all!  I'm here in Texas at the moment helping my daughter move to another place.  But tomorrows the end and I'll be flying back to Florida to the warm weather again.  Ye-ha! (it's really cold and rainy here)

A few weeks ago I bought a reader...the Nook Tablet and was able to try it out on the plane for the first time and loved it.  It definitely does what it's intended for.  The Internet is pretty quick and the pictures are incredibly clear and bright.  So, I've been looking around for different covers for it.  I did buy a leather look one at the Barnes and Nobles Store but I thought it would be fun to have something with some color.  So I set out for the hunt and here's some things I thought were really cute.

How fun are these?  They are called skins and are a much lighter in weight and inerchangable.

 (the next 3 designs for from


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  1. Those are such cool designs. Love the bird - I wonder if that's a Hummingbird (my beloved bird). Yes, it's warm here in California too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley