What's soft and pretty and helps you feel relaxed all over?

Enlarge the Room
These'll want to run a bath and stay a while.
I'm love'n the wood ceiling in the photo above ! Touches of texture added through baskets help ground this room.
Make It Light and Airy
I really like this subway tile.  It's made a huge come back and its showing up in bathrooms everywhere.  Using the black tile as a trim adds dimension and character.   Then they balance it with black trim on the floor. 
above 2 photos - source:
I could get dressed in this room in the morning.  It would help give me a head start of  feeling good for the day.
Beach Bathroom
I don't think I would ever tire of this room.  The soft neutral colors with touches of texture might make me feel like I'm relaxing at the beach. I may never want to come out.
 If you'll notice in all of these photos, they have added natural emements through wood either on the floor, or through frames on the walls as in the second photo, or with baskets and wood furniture.  These are elements that help ground rooms.  Most are easy to add.  The floor and the ceiling...not so easy but oh how they make the room. 


  1. The bathrooms are so great, I like the style. The first room is so cute:-)

    Warm regards


  2. Oh yes, blue is best!

    I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.

  3. I love the torqoise one. I am decorating a room in torqoise and pink right now. I love those colors. Ahhhhh, I could use a hot bath right now. We are getting ready for a big move, and you know how that can be. Moving can be tiring.

  4. I loved that last one. Wood is something that will have to feature greatly in my home. My parents home has beautiful wood floors and I don't think I'd want anything else! What a great way to start the morning (looking through these pictures!) And how awesome is the tub in the last picture?!

  5. That last one, aaaah! I love it. Love all the neutrals and the textures.

  6. Love the last one. As if there is a choice. IF I could, I would have them all.