Fall Back ... to the Back Porch

 As September  starts to come to an end, I'm finding it a bit more comfortable to sit on the back porch especially after redecorating it for Fall and adding a couple of new colors to the setting...purple and turquoise,  it just feels so cozy and makes it even nicer to be out there.  

 You know decorating can get expensive if you let it, but I usually don't let that happen.  I admit it, I'm a little on the cheap side and do alot of budget decorating.  So the lime green cushions had to stay because I didn't want to buy more just for the season and  so I just worked around them.
 I did add a few candles to what I already had to help tie in the new purple and turquoise colors that I brought in through new pillows...Ross, $11.00 for each set of 2.
And of course a little whimsy will do you good.  Cute little fellas.

 And just a pinch of whimsy Halloween decor for next month.
So, I'll leave you and go sit on my porch and enjoy the Fall view.
Happy Fall Yall!


  1. Love your beautiful back porch decoration! The last picture is my favorite, really nice colors.

    Enjoy your day on the porch... Happy Fall!

    1. Thank you! I think the last one is my favorite too.
      Happy Fall to you to!

  2. I love your back porch decorations! The pumpkins are so cute. Your newest follower. I love your blog. :)

    1. Kathy, thanks so much for stopping by and following me. I'm so glad to meet you. And a big thank you for you compliment on my back porch. It was fun putting it all together. I stopped by your blog this morning before work for a quick second but have to run off to work so I'll be back later for a better looksie. Hope you have a great day!

  3. These decorations are so lovely.

  4. Your porch looks great! I am so loving this time of year. Love the rabbits. They're so cute!
    Tuula :)