Color Dilemmas

What's a girl to do? I have this dilemma, so bare with me as I think this out loud.  I bought this cute little love seat sofa for my office that I'm about to start decorating but I can't decide what color to put on the walls.  I don't want to be bold, like painting the walls orange.  I think I would get bored with that before long. I would like it to be casually elegant.  The lightest color in the sofa  is cream so I'm thinking of going off white or cream on the walls and add my color in the drapes etc.  As you can see in the lower corners of this picture, I've been scouring magazines for ideas.   If anyone has any suggestions I'm definitely open to consider them.


  1. I would pick a color from the sofa and match it exactly! That way it will be cohesive no matter what :)

  2. Hi dear,
    My name is Poet Starry Dawn.
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    Poet Starry Dawn.

  3. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! thank you for stopping by my new blog and bringing me over here. I see that you and I are bot magazine addicts and i also spy an urn or two! I am also an empty nester of similar age and have been blogging for about two months on and for about 2 days on! It's a load of fun and the people are so suppotive. Now for the coach. Cream seems to be the obvious choice but I imagine it would look amazing against charcaol as well if you are in a bold frame of mind! I imagine a muted green will also work quite well! I am currently doing a weekly series on colour on Mondays so maybe I should take your coach as inspiration!


  4. A big thanks to all who left me comments. I will take in all the advise. I can't wait to get started on this room. Hopefully, next weekend.

    So appreciative