Tid Bits

Today was grocery day and as usual my cart automatically went to the magazine department.  There were a couple of new August issues out so I bought the Martha Stewart "Living" and the Phyllis Hoffman "Celebrate". 

It just so happened that a watermelon made it's way to our house today and as I was reading the Martha Stewart - Living magazine, she had a little tid-bit in it on cutting a watermelon.  It was called "on the level".  She explains how to cut a wobbly watermelon where it's easier to handle.  She says to remove both ends and stand the watermelon on a flat surface.  Carefully run your knife down the side of the melon to remove the rind, then slice into wedges.  So I tried it.  Easy, breezy!  It save alot of time doing it this way. 

I love watermelon and as hot as it is here in Florida, watermelon is a staple in our house (and it's good for you). 
With the heat raging at 92 degrees, it's a little hard to start thinking about the Fall season.  But... it is going to be here before we know it.
Phyllis Hoffman "Celebrate" did it again.  What a great magazine.  This is her Festive Fall Issue and it is loaded with all the fall decorations imaginable.  Gorgeous!


  1. Hi. Yum I long for summer when I see watermelon and actually I am busy doing a post for some time next week on my favourite salads (even though its winter here) and one of them is a Watermelon Salad! It seem you and I share an addiction of magazines (no cure to be found and frankly I have no desire to be cured at all!) I did a post on my addiction and how I manage to keep them all is astonishing!

    Have a happy Sunday


  2. I'm with you on the addictions and I can't wait to read about your watermelon salad.

    Have a fantastic Sunday