Reality Check

It's back to reality. 
We've been home from our trip to Colorado for 5 days now and I can't seem to get rested.  Although the cup of coffee I just had did help wake me up a little.
After leaving my mom's house I came home raring to go on a cleaning frenzy.  First thing Saturday morning starting at about 8:00, I began  at my front door and went all the way through.  Closets, cabinets, re-decorating, dusting, sweeping etc..  You name it I did it.  Well, I can't really say that because I didn't have time to clean baseboards and ceiling fans or behind the refrigerator and all that stuff, but I did the main part and I feel soooo much better. 

Now I need to get back to my regular diet.  After losing 11 pounds since about April, I definitely don't want to get back up there again.  However, when your on vacation the diet usually goes out the window as did mine. 

So, this morning for breakfast I had a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin.  400 calories later...

No matter how you look at it it was still 400 calories.
It was really good but not the right thing for my diet.

The day of high calorie food continued... Spaghetti with garlic bread for lunch... really good too.  It may not sound like much but it was a large helping of spaghetti.  Need I say more?  Tonight's dinner will probably be a salad.

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