I've Been Chimed

I've never really been one for chimes.  I've always felt like they put off too much sound. (Call me weird but...) I'm more of the
 quite, relaxing, soft music kind of person once I'm home.   I have a very small chime that I do like and the sound it makes gives a relaxing feeling.  It caught my attention as the afternoon storm started approaching and I took a closer look and remembered why I liked it.  First the words are beautiful and the details in the butterfly gives it a bit of bling.(this is the first 2 photos you see)  I found a couple others that I thought were pretty and look like they would make pretty sounds.
Hope your evening is a bit relaxing.

Love the colors on this one.  Great for Fall. (

This has a bit of a modern edge that I like.


  1. I just find your blog and want to say "Hi"!! Love your wonderful sunset pics... I'll come back soon to find out more!

    Have a nice weekend!!
    Jutta from Germany

  2. The purple butterfly chime is so pretty, and I love the saying. I know what you mean about the chime sounds, although if they're not too loud, they can be charming.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley