Summer Colors, 2011

It's here y'all.  The end of Summer 2011.  I guess not officially the end, but with school starting tomorrow, life as some of us know it is about to change.  I've put together a few pictures of our Summer(and it has been a busy one).  I hope you all have had a great Summer as well and wish everyone a fun and colorful (can't forget cooler) Fall.

A new purchase at Key West August 2011

Mesa Lakes Resort Grand Junction Colorado July 2011 

At Home at our pool June 2011

Sliding Rock area, North Carolina August 2011

Slip and slide at my cousins in Grand Junction Colorado July 2011

Our home in my garden August 2011 

Our pool at our home (Dinner for two) June 2011

Franklin North Carolina August 2011

Just some shells I have displayed in my office

Boat ride to Key West Florida August 2011

Boone North Carolina August 2011

July 4th 2011 Strawberry Salad (wish the picture was better) at my Mom's home.  It sure was good.

Crape Myrtles hanging over our fence at home

July 4th 2011 at my Mom's home.


  1. Love your beautiful summer pics... very romantic & a litte bit beachy, too!!!

    Have another sunny Sunday!!

  2. The strawberry salad looks great. Your summer pics are gorgeous and you should join us tolink up at a blog party! we would love to have you join us. see my post today for some links at the bottom and if you need any info or help please drop me an email and i woll be happy to help!


  3. Beautiful summer pix..the strawberry salad looks yummy and the shells arrangement is lovely...I want one! ;)

  4. What a fun summer you had! Love your pool pictures. When I moved from No. Cal to So. Cal we left behind a beautiful pool. I miss it. The seashells displayed in your office are so pretty. There's just something special about sea shells, isn't there? I'm glad summer is almost to an end, and Fall is coming - my favorite season.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. What lovely images! My dear mom is buried in Grand Junction~ a truly lovely place.

    Happy Weekend to you!