Take My Breath Away

It's been such a long time since I've written any thing on my blog, and I've lost track of my days. Several days ago my husband and I took a road trip to North Carolina.  Need I say more (for those of you who have had the chance to visit there).  Seriously, the minute we drove over the line of North Carolina my breath was taken away over and over.  Such a beautiful country.  Rolling mountains, not hills, mountains as far as your eye could see.  This was my first visit there and most certainly will not be my last.  I'm in love.  And the weather..... ahhhh no humidity and in the 80's. The locals tell us to head back up in October to see the fall leaves.  Hopefully we will be able to do just that.  Most of the photos were taken through the car window driving down the road so I appologize for bad pictures.  I wish the pictures did this awesom countryside justice but at least you'll get the idea.

Sliding Rock - Brevard N. Carolina

Looking Glass Waterfall - Brevard N. Carolina

Looking Glass Waterfall


  1. What a gorgeous place! It's always nice when we can take a break and go somewhere that makes our heart sing. That's how I felt when I went to Iowa. The people were so nice, and I loved everything about it. I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. North Carolina mountains are so beautiful. We love it too!!! A great road trip for you!!!!!