Pull Your Drawers Out

I love organizing.!  Before I start a project or anything, everything must be in it's place.
A couple of weeks ago I had some time and organized my kitchen drawers.  I have to say I'm kinda proud of myself because they're still looking organized.  I realize that with all my kids gone it makes it easier to stay put, but I do give myself credit for not getting in a hurry and just throwing things back in.

I found a photo online of a drawer that would work perfect and if you did get in a hurry and throw things in, I think it might be OK. 

You'll see a couple of my drawers below.

Feast your eyes on this neatness!

Love it!

Beware.... ugliness first

Ahh... better!



OK, so it's not as pretty as the ones above, but I do feel better about it.


  1. I love to organize too. I have found that when I'm organized, I'm more at peace with everything. You've done a great job on your latest projects.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. I love organizing too! It looks so neat! Great Job!
    Thanks for your sweet comment today!
    Happy Holidays*

  3. Oh I'm still trying to get there in the middle of painting the outside of our home and around 10 other projects at the same time. You have done a great job here. Just found your lovely blog and would love to follow though your button is down so will try again next time. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Always Wendy