Energy, Strength and Power

We're talking red.
Energize your room with doses of red.
The Pops of red grab your attention.

Throw pillows add instant freshness
old home kitchen e1295173817851 How to Bring out Beautiful Details in your Older Home
A little red here and a little red there.

Drawing your attention to the artwork


  1. Red is really coming back! I don't know if Im ready for it! I still like all white rooms with pops of color here and there..
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Love a pop of color in any room...the red stools are wonderful!!

  3. I adore red. I can't really wear it but it does appear in small doses in my home!

  4. I like red in homes, although my home isn't wearing any at the moment. I go through certain color phases. Right now I'm in a very neutral color phase. I once had a red dining room and a red slipcovered chair in my family room. I used to have lots of red in my kitchen. Now? All gone. I noticed in the new Pottery Barn catalog there was alot of red being used. I think it's always in style.

  5. red - my favourite colour!

    lovely post dear!


  6. I am lovin' this red post! I think slashes of red around the house is so pretty. I have a little in my kitchen, and a little in my bedroom. And doesn't it go beautifully with black and white? I especially love the picture of the kitchen with the red pot on the stove.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley