Featuring H2O Beauties

How about walking outside your home and being able to see something like this?  Isn't this amazing?
Ok, sign me up for this water feature.  This is a dream from Artistic Landscapes .

Another beauty from Artistic Landscapes .Talk about talent.

This is quite a different view than the two lush water features above. To me, this is more of an urban water fall from Landscape Los Angeles, which is also awesome.  We could use a waterfall like this in our yard.  I think connected to the deck somehow would be amazing. 


  1. When you say we could use a waterfall like this, count me in too. :) Liked it very much.

  2. I would love a water feature! Those photos are gorgeous! By the way, I just emailed you back...

  3. I do love water features and don't have one either. Would love to have one built in the backyard somewhere to enjoy. Those are some great inspiration pics!