Living With Casual Vintage

Casual vintage accessories add flavour
A casual table top is shown by Vintage Ambiance.
 wedding decor
Wouldn't this personalized typography be really cute in your family room or anywhere for that matter.  Love this brick wall too.
Vintage Mill Old photos5
I adore this space.  This was an old mill at one time.  Can  you believe it.  Georgous!


  1. Hi Tammy So glad you found me and now I found you ..... I love your blog .
    aaaaaaaafirst day of spring here in Holland and a lovely day !
    I had my coffee outside and was imagening my garden needs a lot of help ......
    I love making my garden ready for many many days and evenings outside .
    My first grandchild is now 10 months and so this is her first spring ......
    Her birthday in may will be in the garden we hope ......
    Wish you happy springjoy !

  2. Before I read the mill thing, I had started to think that this is all about a castle or a rich old house. Mill ... no way. You have a great way to surprise us all. Pretty pictures.

  3. That home that used to be a mill is gorgeous!
    And that sign would be so nice done in your own personal sayings. I have a friend who does them.
    Her blog is called "Between you and me" and her name is Tara. Her homemade signs are gorgeous!
    I love those bottles in the wire carrying basket to!
    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week!

    With all my heart...Deborah :)