Cottage in the Mountains

I love going to the mountains.  Especially in the summer.  The air is fresh and the scenery phenomenal.  . 
When I think of mountain cottages or cabins, I generally think of dark logs and dark decor on the inside but this ones different.  Notice how they kept the decor rustic with manly touches and the small statue of the deer on the wall.  Much better than a big head of an animal. (in my opion).   If we stayed at a place like this I wouldn't complain a bit
 amazing log cabin design ideas
So awesome!
What a great screen porch.  Perfect for an after dinner cocktail.


  1. I think I could get use to this sort of escape as well! I love the enveloping sense that this style of home conveys!

  2. We love our trips to the mountains, that porch with the stone fireplace is gorgeous!

  3. I also love mountain retreats! This one looks so nice and comfortable, wouldn't mind spending some summer days there!

  4. You show the most beautiful spaces Tammy.
    Living in a small country like Holland I can only dream about this . We have no mountains at all . Flat as a pancake and In three hours you drive from the north to the south and in two from east to west .....
    All by car ..... No-one lives far .
    We only know what you share , from the movies !
    Love being a follower .

  5. Even I would not complain about this one. Awesome is really the word.

  6. That backyard with the fire pit is awesome!

  7. Hello! I found you from Francis blog! I love the name of your it!! I too am a empty nester and love to blog, please come by and visit! I'm following along. Have a happy day!

  8. whoa, that is a serious log cabin. It looks heavenly!
    Is this your own printing or a font? I'd love to have my own handwriting on my blog, but I don't know how to do that, yet!!!

  9. Sign me up. I love this cabin in the mountains. What a wonderful spot to spend a vacation.
    Also love the pink tub in your post below. Just so pretty.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. How gorgeous is that place! Wow - so pretty!