(Some) Rules are Made to Be Broken

Back in the day, there were rules for decorating.  Remember those?  Today those rules have joined forces and bonded together to create even more decorating styles than we could ever have imagined.  How awesome is that?  There are still  those who stick strictly to one look or the other but many, as I myself  have, brought together a couple of different looks to become one.  I was curious and decided to try a couple of the decorating style test.  You can try them here to see what your style is.  BHG Decorating Style Quiz or HGTV Whats my decorating style quiz .  Both of mine were mixtures of a couple of styles.  One was...Polished Casual, which I agree with and the other was...Old World- new look which I also agree with (but just a little bit).  So...I believe you can have more than one look in your home.  The one rule you don't need to break is if your rooms are open to each other and join together, like your front or formal living room with your formal dinning room. They need to compliment each other with the same style. 
Below are some very basic styles ( nothing over the top) that could be a style like yours or you could be like me a marry two styles.
Let me know if you take the test above and what your outcome was.

Simply Traditional
formal hallway leads to outdoor balcony
If you are one to like classic comfort and sophistication, this may be your design style.
As seen in this transitional room by  Shelly Riehl David at  ( you can find her designs at )
This style tends to be more predictable with muted colors.  The furniture does not skip on comfort and will sometimes be found in pairs.  You may gravitate towards oriental rugs, oil paintings, some vintage or antique pieces.  

Modern Chic 
Project 2
This is a beautiful room.  Straight lines, minimal color, natural wood tones.  You will often find elements of glass, metal, concrete, leather or silk in a modern room.  These rooms are seen as clean and functional and no clutter to be found. 

Easy Breezy Cottage Style
Sensibly Shabby
Keeping things small and simple is the way you like to live. Cottages can have lots of styles on the inside, and even on the outside.  When I think of cottages the first thing that comes to mind is something like the photo above from Coastal Living . But that's not the case.  The Definition of cottage is a small simple house, usually in a rural area like on a lake or in the mountains.  Sometimes used as a vacation home.  I wish I had one of these on a beach in Florida.

Country Living

Country Living is casual living.
Plaids, florals, stone, wood floors, wood accessories and displayed collections from the past are usually found in your country living rooms.  Colors can be bright and sunny or toned down to a more muted tone.  Sometimes they can be a combination of both.

Vintage Retro Style
living room retro style
You enjoy shopping thrift stores and flea markets to find items from the past with a retro flair.
Color doesn't scare you.  Your up for fun from the get go. Vintage fabrics will add to your look as does the shape of your vintage furniture.

Tuscan Design

As seen in this beautiful Tuscan kitchen from Granite Transformations , this style is more of a casual lifestyle.  Lots of use of wood and muted colors like golds, yellows and greens are used.  Tuscany style rooms carry a comfortable and old world feel.  Arches and iron works are frequently found in homes with this type of design. 

French Country

This French Country breakfast nook shows how colors are used in this design.  Mixing the old with the new is a staple for this look.  It's simple and charming, relaxed and casual. You'll find wood, stone and tin mixed in the decorations and fabrics with mixtures of prints like florals, stripes and checks.


  1. I just took the quizzes!I was also polished casual which I can see, but HGTV gave me romantic which I don't really agree with. I like to think of my style as eclectic. I'm really drawn to scandanavian style at the moment, and I also love mid century modern furniture. Fun post!

    1. Kinda fun huh! I really think I'm eclectic too. Have a good day.

  2. The country style and the french country breakfast nook (minus the roses) for me.
    And even I tried the quizzes. One says I like rustic charm, the other says I am traditional with decors. Thanks for posting the links. I enjoyed participating in these.

  3. Beautiful! I like the first picture the best and then the kitchen with the funny ceiling. Traditional and modern... I can never decide.

  4. Love that Tuscan kitchen and French Breakfast nook :) So happy you stopped by today. For some reason I'm not receiving your posts! I need to fix that! lways enjoy your sense of style as well as your sweet comments.

  5. Hi, I'm so happy you found me as I'm now following your lovely blog and had so much fun reading your post. I took both quizzes and BHG said my style was Country and HGTV found my style to be I guess I would classify myself as Romantic Country..sound pretty good to me.. I started out decorating Traditional but have slowly changed over the years. I truly love ALL styles and find them all to have some really nice features. Can that be possible? I think so.
    Funny that I have relatives in Texas and Florida, but also in AZ. and Ca. But I'm so far from the warm states.40 minutes from Boston..Brrr..and all my folks are originaly from here..Snowbird transplants..LOL! Have a great evening..

  6. Hi thanks for visiting.Love your blog.Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Hi There Texas now Florida girl. Love your blog and so great to meet you and now a new follower too. Thank you for stopping by and following me as well. I love this post. My style is a coordinated mix of old world, tuscan with cottage farmehouse french. It works using color to tie it all together.
    Happy Monday, have a great week.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  8. Its so nice to meet you!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog today :)
    Im following you in friendship, and looking forward to getting to know you!
    Your blog is adorable!
    I loved this post...and I'd have to say that I have quite a few styles I love.
    Shabby chic would be my first, cottage-style and coastal, as well as country, some primitive,
    and I also really like the tuscan-style as well. I love that "some rules are meant to be broken"!
    Have a great week!!! I've put you on my sidebar so I can see when you post and visit often :)

    With all my heart...Deborah xo

  9. Thank You for stopping by our blog! What an adorable blog you have as well!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  10. I'm definately old world Tuscan style, but I also like vintage stuff too. I think I will have to check your decorating style quiz out. I also like eclectic style sometimes too - it livens a room up.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  11. I definitely have an eclectic style. Although BHG gave me country french. Hmmm. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great week!


  12. You know this is one of the best posts I've seen explaining home styles. I love the traditional, French style and Tuscan styles. Thanks for posting the links! your newest follower here x