Summer 2012 Brought Me a New Love

I'll never forget that this Summer I found a new passion.  It involves a bucket of paint and  sandpaper and yes, chalk paint made it's way into my workspace.
From time to time I  would run across a vintage piece that I liked and wandered if I could mix it up a bit .  And... I was dying to try my hand at chalk paint...
Well, the rest is history...I'm hooked.
You've seen some of these before, (Even one of my photos is framed from my previous post)  but if you'll just humor me while I write about remembering Summer 2012 and the things I loved during this season I'll be forever grateful. 

My flat screen sits on top of this vintage remix in my office.  It's the perfect size and the best part...more storage.

 This vintage chest also resides in my office and houses some of my supplies. (more storage, yeah!)
This is an old rustic screen.  It looks like leather but it's only paper.  But that's OK with me, I still liked it.  It adds a little bit of old rustic charm.  It is also in my office
Isn't this crown so cute?  Theis is going on another project that I'm currently working on.  Sorry, can't show you right now, it's still a work in progress but I can't wait til it's done. 
So, Summer 2012...I love being more creative!


  1. don't let it end! nestle into the cubbyhole of fall!

  2. Love the crown and chalk paint! Keep the creativity going :)


  3. I love the crown the best. I have a thing for crowns. I am looking forward to seeing what you will create with it. The white chest is so pretty too. It's great when we have extra storage space. I can sure use more drawers. Summer has been good to you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. This is very interesting and I would love to see what magic you work around this crown.

  5. So many beautiful things here! I love the chest and the screen! Can't wait to see how the crown turns out!