Not your typical 4th of July colors

This 4th of July we spent at my moms home with my sister and her daughter from Texas and my cousin and her family. Just being with family is such a calm and relaxing feeling.  We had a great time and of course ate too much food.  I had originally thought about decorating the table but then I kind of poo poo'd the idea thinking that I didn't want anything to be too fussy.  However, at the last minute on a trip to Wally World I decided to pick up a few things and just do it.

 One would normally think of red, white and blue for the 4th, but my Mom's home has some lime green decor in it so that's the color I decided to play on. 

My inspiration piece was the stripped tablecloth.  I pulled together yellow paper plates and a pop of red.  I was a little nervous about the red but went with it anyway.  Once I got back to the house I started putting things together as my Mom started pulling ribbons etc. out for me to use. 

 My Mom has many talents and one of those talents is arranging flowers.  She surprised me and cut some from her flower bed and placed them in a metal watering bucket. It was beautiful!

The whole look was kept casual but the colors added a flare of fun. 

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